Friday, April 22, 2011


holy camoly, i cooked up a storm yesterday!
this meal is my favourite in the history of little red kitsch'n. i'm worried that it might be a little too complicated & too much reading for the frenzied saturday shoppers - but we'll see...

here's what i made yesterday:
brined & herb roasted turkey breast - shani's farm (7 oz portions)
my grandma's baked ham with cloves, mustard, honey & pineapple (7 oz portions)
parsnip and celeriac puree - super smooth & creamy
dressing: summer savoury, homemade bread, mashed potatoes, dried cranberries (my favourite!)
sweet potato casserole, maple-walnut crunch on top
roasted fingerling potato salad, radishes, celery, tarragon, grainy mustard vinaigrette
turkey & thyme gravy

here's what i'll be making today:
lemony asparagus spears
crunchy slaw (rabbit food!)
herb roasted veggies
dinner rolls

i also made a huge batch of thai turkey & rice soup yesterday and mexican posole. for those that don't know, posole is a spicy soup with hominy, braised pork, green chillies, cilantro & green onions. this one definitely has a kick and lots of southwest flavours like cumin & coriander and a special kick from my chipotle lime bbq sauce. i'm going to try and squeeze in a batch of red lentil dahl today - 'try' being the operative word...

today is also my baking day. i have to whip up a tray of brownies, giant bunny shortbreads, lemon meringues, chocolate coconut macaroons & tons of cupcakes. on sunday the nice people who make the british pasties have organized a scavenger hunt for the kiddies. i'm one of the destinations so i'll be giving each participant a free mini cupcake when they come by - should be fun and lots of baking. i picked up loads of easter candy too: mini eggs, jelly beans, easter smarties and chocolate eggs for extra special & festive garnishes too. i like the chocolate, vanilla, carrot & red velvet selection so i'll stick with that this week and maybe switch it up for next week.

enjoy the sun, see you over the weekend.


  1. Glad you had such a successful Sat! do you do all this cooking yourself...or have some help? I'm astonished at what you get made each week!

  2. it's just me but sometimes i have help with the dishes, packing and a little prep. i drink a lot of caffeine...