Friday, October 28, 2011

c'est l'halloween

happy halloween! today i am stressed mostly about my costume & what to have for the trick-or-treaters and not so stressed about being ready for the market this weekend... it's a bit odd ready.

yesterday, i had the volunteer kitchen brigade show up (thank you, thank you, thank you!). who needs candy when you have free labour? anyway i am way ahead of the game & we accomplished so much. 35 lobster mac & cheeses, 180 salt cod fish cakes, a vat of miso mushroom soup, quinoa salad, wild rice salad & a brownie... oh and the dishes, miracle of all miracles!

this batch of lobster (from the fish shop) mac & cheese is like the original, so no broccoli, but lots of leeks & roasted cherry tomatoes, foxhill curds & parmesan bechamel with a panko crust.
large $25 small $12.50

the fish cakes are the usual: salt cod, potatoes, onions, celery, savoury, green onions & lemon. the salt cod comes from the newfoundland store. i love that place - lots of weird things to explore & the friendliest people around.
fishcakes & baked beans (serves 2) $15

the miso mushroom soup is a brand new concoction. i love miso! i hate mushrooms but i actually like this soup... i made a mushroom stock with lots of dried mushrooms & ginger, then added sesame, chinese 5-spice, udon noodles, shittakes, oyster mushrooms, creminis, cilantro, lime, siracha (not a lot) and bok choy.

the other soups i have at the moment are:
seafood chowder
beef stew
thai chicken & rice
cream of cauliflower
potato, leek, celery root & parsnip
beet, parsnip & pear
pumpkin, ginger & cardamom
bean, lentil & veggie
baked beans
vegan chili

i think next week will see the return of both the curried butternut squash and the roasted red pepper, tomato & sweet potato.

the quinoa & wild rice salads are the ones i have been rolling with lately - i just substituted roasted sweet potatoes for roasted pumpkin in the wild rice one.

so as far as halloween goes, it will be noticeable in the cupcakes, cookies, brownies & cheesecakes. the red velvets will be getting a bit of a makeover... and i got some fancy new cupcake liners, sprinkles & candies. it should be a fun day of baking!

i think the trick-or-treaters in my neighbourhood (village) will get some super tricked out cupcakes as well - complete with business cards so the parents know it's legit.

ok to the kitchen i go... i need to finish early so i can decorate my little corner at the market & finish carving my pumpkin... it's a liger!

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