Friday, January 6, 2012

a little rusty

i just had to consult my recipe book... for oatmeal cookies of all things... i'm a little rusty today. 

after what feels like an eternity, i'm back in the kitchen in full swing & definitely a bit out of practise. normally on fridays (aka baking bonanza day) i don't have to look at recipes at all because they're all memorized... alas, not today!

barring any disasters, i'll be back at the market tomorrow & sunday in my usual spot under the stairs by selwood green, boates cider & seablooms nursery. yesterday, i 'de-christmasified' my nook & it looks so sad & depressing... i'll commence work on my valentines day installation soon ;)

ok, so if you're wondering what's on the menu this week, here goes:

acadian rappi pie small $10 large $20
maple & ewe farm chickens, pei potatoes, caramelized onions, salt pork - best eaten with lots of salt & pepper, butter, cranberry sauce & pickled beets.

quinoa salad $5
asparagus, arugula, whole grain mustard, fresh herbs, garlic, lemon & toasted pinenuts

wild rice salad $5
roasted butternut squash, cranberries, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, red onion, maple syrup, apple cider vinegar

since i wasn't at the market last weekend, i still have everything off that menu as well.

asparagus strata with caramelized onions & foxhill cheese             $15
chicken, leek, broccoli & bacon pies                                                         small $10 large $20
creamy british seafood pies                                                                         small $11 large $22
braised brisket with blue cheese polenta                                                $23
mac & cheese (plain or broccoli)                                                                small $8 large $16
vegan lasagna                                                                                                $16
smoked salmon quiches                                                                               5 smalls $15 large $17.50
braised pork & sweet potato pie                                                                  $20
fishcakes & baked beans                                                                              $15
shepherd's pies                                                                                                small $9 large $18
sausage & cheese curd penne                                                                      $7.50

for soups there's:
thai chicken & rice
lentil veggie
beet, parsnip & pear
potato leek
curried squash
cream of cauliflower
seafood chowder
baked beans
vegan stew

i think that next week will just be a soup & salad week. i've had lots of requests for miso mushroom & french onion to come back & i'm sort of in the mood for beef & barley, chicken stew & pork posole. i also need to experiment with the peppers & spices i got from the spice man... plus i have a new gadget that needs to be put to work.

yahoo - no more exploding blender or bbq sauce on the ceiling!

ok, back to baking.
tomorrow's cupcake flavours will be chocolate-mint, red velvet-raspberry, vanilla-strawberry, carrot-cream cheese & banana-chocolate buttercream. there's also macaroons, mint oreo cheesecakes, milk rolls, snickers brownies, lemon meringues & butter tarts will be making an appearance this weekend.
oh & i almost forgot about those oatmeal cookies that i forgot how to make...

a demain. 

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