Friday, March 2, 2012

weekend menu

happy friday.

here's a little tidbit from last weekend: when i sat down on sunday night to organize my $ from the weekend, i came across this...

i'm not sure that this little note was intended for me, but i'll take it. i thought it was pretty cute!

ok, this week there is a fresh batch of fish cakes on the menu... i made 150 last night. i always make huge batches, because while i do like the flavour, i do not like the scent of salt cod permeating every nook of my house. as always they are $8 on their own and $15 when combined with baked beans.

the other main course this week is a pork dinner. it's a very lean pork loin that was brined, seared & then oven-roasted. it's served with a hash of caramelized onions, shaved brussels sprouts & honeycrisp apples, scalloped potatoes, and a mustard/maple/horseradish sauce. this is some hardcore comfort food and perfect for a blustery day like today.
small $11 large $22

in the freezers there's:
vegan curry small $9 large $18
vegetarian lasagna $20
asparagus strata $15
veggie pot pies small $9 large $18
chicken, leek, broccoli & bacon pies small $10 large $20
chicken & stuffing pies $10
chicken & chickpea curry $10
lobster mac & cheese  small $12.5 large $25
plain mac & cheese $8
shepherd's pie small $9 large $18

i'm running with the same three salads as the past couple of weeks (quinoa, wild rice, 4-bean). there will be a few minor changes here & there, but nothing too earth-shattering. i think next week will see a big shake up though... stay tuned.

today is baking bonanza day. brownies, tarts, cookies, macaroons, red velvets, chocolate, vanillas, carrots, and banana chocolate chips. but it's going to be even more intense than usual - i have an order for 100 chocolate mousse filled cupcakes for tomorrow night. which means, i need to get in the kitchen asap!

see you tomorrow & sunday... if i can ever decide which colour of tights to wear...

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  1. Those fish cakes sure do, I mean sound good!