Friday, April 13, 2012

friday again

the weeks are just flying by!

friday is here yet again. that means i have lots & lots of cupcakes to bake today. chocolate, carrot, red velvet, lemon & banana chocolate chip. they've become the standard 5 flavours. maybe next week i'll have something new, and feel free to pop by my table and give me some suggestions!

today i'll also be making oatmeal, white chocolate chip & dried cranberry cookies, macaroons, snickers brownies, passionfruit tarts and lemon squares (something new!).

this week will also see the return of the 4-bean salad with sprouted lentils, mung & adzuki beans, fresh green beans & a dill-dijon dressing. the quinoa salad will be seeing the addition of artichoke hearts, basil & arugula, but otherwise will be the same as the past couple of weeks. the vegan potato salad has also been a hit recently so that one, i'm going to leave the same.

it was a meat-heavy week here in the little red kitsch'n. i have fresh batches of the asian-inspired pulled pork & boeuf bourguignon in the works.

on that note, i had better boogie to the kitchen. see you over the weekend - bottom of the stairs right in front of selwood green. 

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