Friday, August 24, 2012


so instead of blogging nonstop during lynne's visit, this year i didn't blog at all.

unfortunately she is on her way back to ontario (onterrible) and i have returned to blogging.

this week i'm not inundated with caterings so i've been able to restock the freezers. there are three new mains on the board: fish cakes, chicken parm and grilled vegetable tagine.

the fish cakes are the usual suspects. they're salt cod & potato based with lots of onion, celery, savory & lemon for freshness.  package of 4 = $10

then there's the chicken parm. after a few week hiatus it's back! i think it has been the most popular menu item to date. here's the rundown: i took chicken breasts, cut them down, marinated them in buttermilk & herbs, then crusted them with panko, parm, herbs & baked them off. then i made marinara with loads of tomatoes, onions, garlic, balsamic & spinach... oh & more parm. then i cooked off fettuccine & tossed it with butter & basil from my garden. then i packaged it all up & topped it with mozzarella... oh & more parm (of the foxhill variety) and called it a day.
large $20 small $10

so on to the new vegan main. this one is a bit of a hybrid. it's a combination of the grilled mediterranean vegetable ragout i made last summer & the tofu tagine that's been on the menu recently. there's tons of stuff going on in it: grilled onions, zucchini, eggplant, peppers, oven dried tomatoes, tofu, cauliflower, lemon, olives, sumac, chillies, swiss chard, cilantro... it'll be paired with harissa couscous that's studded with almonds and herbs. not quite done yet but thus far i'm pretty pleased.
large $20 small $10

the salads this week will be sweet potato, broccoli, & quinoa.
the sweet potato will be the chipotle, avocado, cilantro & lime version.
the broccoli has become a bit of a favourite with the market vendors so i'm making more this week. it has almonds, cranberries, sunflower seeds, red onion & red pepper in a creamy garlic dressing (there's always a couple sans bacon on the side - just ask).
the quinoa this week will feature green beans, artichokes & loads of herbs from my garden.
per usual, all salads are $5 each for a 500 ml container.

sweets this week will be snickers, oatmeal cookies, macaroons, cheesecakes, tarts, squares & cupcakes. pop by for a full selection of flavours.

ok time to bust a move in the kitchen! see you over the weekend :)

ps: i almost forgot. there's a new batch of vegan vegetable stew. it's a tomato based stew with lots of veggies: potatoes, parsnips, carrots, celery, zucchini, nappa cabbage, cauliflower, corn, beans, swiss chard & fresh herbs. it's pretty much fat free & loaded with flavour!

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