Friday, September 21, 2012

something in the air

alas today is the last day of summer. there's definitely something in the air... i think it's the onset of fall. while this is the most depressing time of year for me - au revoir sun tans & sundresses - it's a great time of year at the market. it's harvest time!

it's also been great for my productivity, i accomplished a ton of stuff this week.

on the left it's a new batch of maple bourbon bbq sauce & on the right it's more carrot/apple/ginger soup. both are already packed up & ready to head in to the market tomorrow.

the carrot soup is both vegan & gluten-free and spiced with lemongrass, cardamom & star anise.

now that the weather is starting to turn, soup production will be ramping up in a big way. they sell for $7 for a 500ml container no matter what the flavour. there's a full list on my freezer door at the market and there's a rundown in last week's post (minus the chili which i sold out of). 

last week was actually pretty crazy busy at the market. three cruise ships combined with usual saturday traffic made it a pretty hectic day. the vegan shepherd's pie proved pretty popular. i have never before had a dish so buzzed about and it sold like mad. i decided to make another batch this week... a much bigger batch...

this is the pot of just the filling... geez louise, i may have gone a little overboard!
small $9 large $18

there is also a brand new concoction on the menu this week. it's crispy ginger, orange beef with bell peppers, green onions, nappa cabbage, bean sprouts & cilantro over a combo of red & white rice. there's sesame, red chillies, chinese 5-spice and ponzu as well so it's a pretty complex number but not too spicy - i restrained myself!

small $10 large $20

the salads will be identical to last week.
quinoa: fennel, orange, olive
broccoli: bacon, cranberries, almonds, sunflower seeds
sweet potato: bell peppers, avocados, tomatoes, lime
per usual they are $5 for a 500ml container

the selection of sweets is also growing. last week i brought back the hello dollies (which sold out!) and this week i'm bringing back the mint oreo cheesecakes in addition to everything else.

at this rate i'll need to get a bigger table. 
starting this weekend i'm also introducing a new pricing scheme for the mini cupcakes. each weekend, it is with great trepidation that i package 1 or 2 mini cupcakes in my plastic containers and send them out in to the world. i know that those beautiful little cupcakes will most likely not be quite so beautiful when they arrive home. however, when 7 mini cupcakes are wedged in to those plastic containers, they prop each other up perfectly. in an effort to encourage people to select the magic # of 7, i am now offering the 'baker's half-dozen' - 7 minis for $6.
something to keep in mind...

ok back to baking.
see you in the morning!

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