Friday, December 7, 2012

last minute

well it's technically saturday already, but here's a last minute blog post for the week.

the new main course is another batch of beef bourguignon. it seems as though this is the new bestseller and i already have some on reserve heading in to the weekend. the beef is from getaway farm and it's cooked up with lots of red wine, bacon, mushrooms & pearl onions. it's paired with potato-parsnip puree, swiss chard, and roasted sprouts, turnips & carrots.

small $11  large $22

last weekend was salad insanity! being at three different markets made it hard to keep up with demand, but i'm fully stocked up this week. there are four options to choose from:
quinoa - fennel, olive, grapefruit, pomegranate, parsley
sweet potato - avocado, capsicum, lime, cilantro, chipotle
broccoli - almond, red onion, sunflower seeds, bacon
wheatberry - beet, arugula, pear, candied walnut, goat cheese
$5 each
this is the beet:

i also baked two types of muffin for tomorrow. on the sweet side, there's a cranberry/orange/cinnamon/almond concoction and on the savoury side, there's cornbread with cheddar, pepper, cumin & spice.
they're both $1.50 each

there's lots of the usual sweets including eggnog cheesecakes, apple tarts & gingerbread cupcakes. unfortunately there are no passionfruit tarts... i totally burnt them :( maybe i'll make some for sunday.

also christmas is fast-approaching so don't forget that i have gift certificates available and i'm all set up to take visa & mastercard... it's pretty nifty actually, you sign right on the screen of my phone.

okee dokee off to sleep. see you soon.

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