Friday, April 19, 2013

not enough days

so, i'm pretty certain that there needs to be 8 days in a week instead of 7. i'm not sure who i need to talk to about this, but it would certainly make things a lot less hectic around here.

this week has been one of the most insane since i started this business. on monday, there was an order of cupcakes for a friend's arbonne event at the hub. and then a delivery of gluten-free desserts to bramoso pizzeria - that's right my sweets are always on the menu there! then i was gearing up for the market with two new main courses. then i catered the public engagement session at the market last night - nothing too insane, dips, veggies, cupcakes and cookies for 100 people.

then i woke up really early this morning to make toasted coconut cupcakes filled with coconut custard & topped with chocolate buttercream. a neighbour picked them up at 6:45(!!!) to head in to the dal faculty club for an event this evening.

and there's still 2 more special orders, 2 more deliveries to make & 2 more days at the market before i can chill out. dear monday, i can't wait until we're reunited.

okee dokee, enough griping & back to what's important - the food!
this week was a pasta sort of week. i've had a lot of requests lately to make vegetarian lasagna. i have a vegan one on the menu but the vegetarians are craving the ooey, gooey gratification of melted cheese. this one is loaded up with parmesan, asiago, ricotta & mozzarella. the tomato sauce is packed with lots of hearty vegetables & parmesan. then it's layered with ricotta, swiss chard, kale, herbs & garlic.

then it's topped with more sauce, fresh tomatoes, mozzarella & asiago.

these ones were an epic undertaking.
small $10 large $20

the second main course is still in production. it's something i've made in the past & is back by popular demand - chicken parmigiana. i used boneless, skinless chicken breasts from shani's farm; marinated them in buttermilk, herbs & garlic; breaded them with a panko-parmesan mixture & roasted them in the oven. they're smothered in a non-traditional marinara sauce complete with roasted red peppers, spinach, herbs & a splash of balsamic. then topped with mozzarella, parmesan & asiago cheese & served with fettuccine. since i'm not finished yet, i don't have any current photos but here's what they looked like last time.

small $10 large $20

the salads will be beet, broccoli, quinoa & sweet potato this week. the quinoa will be the version with radishes & asparagus. the rest will be the usual. if you ever have any ideas or suggestions please let me know - i'm getting so bored making these every week!

i've also been promising new flavours of bbq sauce for weeks, alas i have still not gotten around to making any. once the 8-day week comes in to effect maybe i'll have time ;)

the sweets are also the usual suspects. i just ran out of eggs though, so i don't think i'll have any gluten-free cupcakes tomorrow, but everything else will be there. i also made a little tweak to the goat's milk fudge. it had cow butter in it before, but i've noticed that a lot of the people interested in it have cow dairy allergies. so...

i got me some goat butter from planet organic - unfortunately rancher acres doesn't make it. it doesn't taste much 'goatier' but i did notice it has an even creamier texture now. i am so addicted to the stuff it's ridiculous!

ok back to the grind. see you all over the weekend.

ps: they ripped out the main staircase at the market & moved the information desk to right beside me - maybe now everyone will stop asking me where the bathroom is.

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