Friday, June 28, 2013

almost vacation!

i can't even believe it, but i leave for vacation tomorrow night right after the market!

i will be away for 10 whole days visiting lots of my favourite people all over ontario.
as soon as i get back i will be in full-blown wedding season with loads of cupcake orders & catered events so it'll be nice to decompress for a little bit... and maybe do a little shopping along the way ;)

to partially make up for my absence, i'm heading in to the market today. there are more and more vendors heading in on fridays and i'm excited to see what it's like now. over the summer, with people off work & heading to their cottages for the weekend, i might like to permanently switch to fridays so i could spend sundays with my friends who work 9-5 jobs & i never get to see. let me know what you think.

it seems like the days have been packed lately. i didn't even get around to writing a blog last week! i was busy making homemade mozzarella cheese (not for the business, just for fun):

attending a tibs family dinner (full report to come):

making moroccan meatballs:

baking pie:

catering a bachelorette party (on saturday night right after the market!):

and catering my bestie's housewarming party on sunday, right after the bachelorette. i don't have any pics but there were ribs, flank steak, grilled chicken, potato salad, corn salad & strawberry shortcake on homemade biscuits. out of everything the corn salad probably got the most comments so it may be coming soon to a market near you.

this week for the market i replenished my stocks of beef shepherd's pie - an oldie but a goodie. this batch has quite a bit of tang and a bit more spice than usual. to balance things out, i made super cheesy, skin-on mashed new potatoes to go on top.

small $10 large $20

today for salads i have three options:
broccoli - red onion, red pepper, sunflower seeds, almonds, dried cranberries
sweet potato - avocado, bell peppers, green onions, tomatoes, lime, cilantro, chipotle
quinoa - bocconcini, tomatoes, cucumbers, red pepper, fresh herbs, red wine vinegar

tomorrow beet salad will be back in the mix - after i pick up some local strawberries from the market today. it'll be the same as last week with fennel, basil, strawberries, arugula & goat cheese.

i also did a fair bit of baking this week & am happy to say that banana-peanut butter cupcakes & spicy chocolate-chai brownies are both making their triumphant returns to my sweets table. along with all the other familiar faces - breakfast cookies, snickers brownies, rhubarb-raspberry cheesecakes, hello dolly's, maple walnut bars & the usual plethora of cupcakes.

okee dokee i suppose i should get up & pack the car... in the rain... sigh. 
market hours today are 10-5 & tomorrow 7-4 at which point i will be making a mad dash to the airport so please come by sooner rather than later.

see you soon.

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