Friday, August 30, 2013

catering, special orders, deliveries...

this week is one of my busiest yet. i have 120 wedding cupcakes & two birthday cakes on order for tomorrow. then i'm doing all the food for a wedding of 75 on sunday. plus i got a call on monday to cater for 30 on tuesday(!!!) & i did it.

this week my focus has really been catering. thankfully i have lots of meals in the freezer as i've had neither the time or the fridge space to make anything new for the market. there will still be lots of fresh salads & baked goods, just no new main courses. 

here's what's on the menu:
beef shepherd's pie    small & large
brisket & blue   just large
moroccan meatballs    just large
chipotle pulled pork   small & large
sweet & sour meatballs    just large
jerk chicken    small & large
chipotle chicken    small & large
chicken pot pie    just small
lobster mac & cheese    just large
smokey mac & cheese    small & large
vegan curry    small & large   
lentil shepherd's pie    small & large

also, due to my catering obligations on sunday, i WON'T be at the market that day so please make sure to come by on saturday to stock up.

next week is also looking pretty crazy too. next saturday i'll be at a halifax crafters pop-up show at two if by sea over in dartmouth.

i've done a couple of shows with the crafters already at the olympic centre. it's a really great crowd with a ton of fun stuff. i'm quite excited for this adventure. we have very limited space so i won't be bringing any frozen goodies but will have lots of lunch options, gift certificates, bbq sauces & the usual assortment of sweets. i'll be missing the saturday market at the seaport but will have some lovely ladies holding down the fort. i'll be back to my usual schedule soon, i promise.

ok back to the grind, dinner rolls, focaccia, cake decorating, a mountain of potato salad, cedar-planked salmon...
see you tomorrow :)


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