Friday, September 20, 2013


so it's a little late. apologies but i took the night off. i just got home from a jaunt to the valley. had a quick pit stop in windsor to ride the zipper at the fair & then spent the evening at luckett vineyard for some bbq, corn boil & bluegrass action. all in all, a pretty 'country' kind of night & lots of fun!

now, it took some serious preparation through the week to secure a friday night away from the kitchen. this week i cooked like crazy & the freezers are brimming. i'm still working on replenishing my selection of small entrees but it's getting there.

i made giant batches of beef stew, seafood chowder & chicken stew. the chicken stew is the best batch i've ever made. the stock made all the difference. i roasted the bones until my whole house smelled like fried chicken & then put the stock on to simmer for 24 hours. the stew itself is packed with loads of hearty vegetables & herbs from my garden.

all soups, stews & chowders are $7 for a 500ml serving.

i also used that epic stock to make a new batch of chicken, leek, broccoli & bacon pies. the filling starts out with double smoked bacon; then i add loads of leeks, celery & garlic; then i make a quick roux & lots of stock to make a rich sauce. i add the broccoli at the very end so it doesn't overcook & season it up with fresh herbs. 

this mixture gets topped with puff pastry & they're ready to go.
small $10 large $20

there's also a new batch of jerk chicken on the menu. the last batch sold out faster than any other dish to date. the chicken marinated for two days in homemade jerk seasoning with citrus, warm spices & 5 habaneros. it's bbq'd & served up with grilled pineapple salsa, black beans & rice. it's slightly spicier than the last batch but i think i can still up the ante. feedback is always appreciated.

small $10 large $20

there are four salads on the menu:
broccoli - bacon, red onion, red peppers, almonds, sunflower seeds
quinoa - grapefruit, fennel, kalamata olive, kale
corn - tomatoes, peppers, tomatillos, chillies, lime, cilantro
beet - fennel, asian pear, pickled red onion, kale, wheatberries
$5 each for 375ml

& of course there will be the usual assortment of sweets. oh yeah, i bought a new food processor this week so banana chocolate chip cupcakes with peanut butter frosting with be back in the mix.

ok see you over the week!

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