Friday, October 11, 2013

cloves are the new black

it smells like thanksgiving around here today. i have been a veritable pumpkin pie production facility for most of the day. the pies will be available tomorrow at the market, i have lots of pre-orders to fill & the rest will be available on a first come first serve basis. they're not overly sweet & kicked up with lots of cinnamon, cloves & warm chai spices perfect with a side of foxhill or deedee's vanilla ice cream. they are $15 a piece.

cloves also made an appearance in my 'thanksgiving pies' - part deux. last week was turkey & dressing, this week is pork with sweet potato casserole. at pretty much every family gathering we have turkey, ham, dressing & sweet potato casserole, hence my two versions of 'thanksgiving pie' (think shepherd's pie not chicken pot pie). 
my grandma makes the best ham of all time. i'm not normally a ham fan but she bakes a boston butt for hours with lots of mustard & cloves and it tastes like magic! instead of a ham i've made pulled pork with getaway farm meat & incorporated all of the same flavours. it's all mixed up with peppers & swiss chard from my garden to up the nutrients.

then i made a version of my aunt's sweet potato casserole. i added parsnips & turnips from elmridge just to make it a bit less sweet & a bit more interesting. there's some vanilla, cinnamon & it gets topped with candied walnuts. i'm pretty pleased with the final product.

small $10  large $20

there are still lots of turkey & dressing pies and if you have a vegan coming to dinner, the lentil shepherd's pies are great seasonal option (only a few larges left).

if you're all holiday-ed out there are plenty of other options too:

chicken, leek, broccoli & bacon pies
moroccan meatballs
chipotle pulled pork with succotash & sweet potatoes
smokey mac & cheese
vegan thai green curry
beef shepherd's pies

there are a few smalls of the jerk chicken & sesame ginger pork left too.

for a lighter option or a cleanse on tuesday, the soup selection is slowly being replenished too:

carrot, apple, ginger
curried butternut squash
vegan vegetable stew
white bean, lemon & kale
black bean & corn chili
baked beans
roasted pepper, tomato & chipotle
thai turkey & rice
beef stew
chicken stew
seafood chowder

the salads this week with be traditional broccoli, curried quinoa (vegan) and mustard & dill potato (vegan).

the baking was a little insane this week too. i think i went completely overboard on cupcake production so i reeaallllyyyy hope everyone is hungry. flavours this week are:

pink grapefruit
banana-peanut butter
red velvet-raspberry
gluten free pumpkin spice

i also have over 100 cupcakes to decorate for a wedding tomorrow!

oh & check out the cake i made earlier this week:

perhaps my favourite one yet!

 my family dinner isn't until monday so i'll be at the market for regular hours:
saturday 7am-3pm
sunday 9am-3pm
hope to see you all over the weekend!

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