Friday, June 13, 2014

menu update

i just got home from catering a cocktail party for 120 people! it definitely interrupted my usual friday routine, but everything went really well & the feedback was fantastic. 

i didn't add to my frozen stock this week but there is still a ton of selection:

beef shepherd's pie in small & large (i have small paleo versions)
moroccan meatballs in small & large (i have small paleo versions)
braised beef with roasted veg & polenta large (i have this one in a small, paleo, dairy free option)
chile pork with cornbread topping small & large
mediterranean vegetable ragu in small & large
jerk chicken in large
chipotle pulled pork in small
green curry, coconut tofu in small

there are four salads on the menu. it's so hard to know how many to make - two weeks ago i wasted a dozen & last week i sold out pretty quick. fingers crossed it's a good week.
flavour options are: beet, broccoli (not vegan but with vegetarian option), sweet potato & potato.

ok now i've gotta sleep.
see you tomorrow, & don't forget, i'm at the other end of the market near noggins & the dutchman.

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