Friday, November 28, 2014

small business saturday

hopefully you've all survived the hooplah of black friday & can make it out tomorrow to support local businesses on 'small business saturday!' black friday is stupid (yup i said it) and makes no sense in canada, it just encourages people to waste money at the giant big box stores and line the pockets of jerkface ceo's. small business saturday encourages people to keep their money local and make more unique & interesting purchases.

end rant.

i won't be at the market on sunday this week but hopefully everyone is able to pop by tomorrow. don't forget, when you come to the market, take a gander upstairs & in the pavilion - it's where most of the artists & craftspeople have ended up since the big shuffle. there's lots to offer if you're looking for great gift ideas.

ok, back to food.

i had a busy, busy week. the menu is very well rounded again :)

festive, chocolate-peppermint brownies are back!

they're gluten free & grain free!

in honour of american thanksgiving, turkey & dressing pies are back. they're a convenient way to enjoy all the flavours of a thanksgiving dinner in one bite.

small $10  large $20

i used all the white meat in the pies and all the dark meat in a big batch of turkey stew.

it also has turnips, parsnips, potatoes, carrots, peas, savoury & sage - hard core comfort food & perfect as we head in to cold & flu season.

this week i also made a whole whack of shepherd's pies. i bought 30 pounds of getaway farm beef so hopefully i have enough to last a couple of weeks. i made the regular version with cheddar-green onion mash & a paleo (& dairy free) version with sweet potato puree.

small $10  large $20

and continuing with orange food, i made a batch of carrot, apple, ginger soup. it's vegan, gluten free & paleo. there are lots of warm spices like star anise & cinnamon but it's not spicy like some of my other soups.

it's $7 per 500ml serving just like all my soups.

then i went out to the garden & picked some kale.

kale is the best - i can't believe it's still going strong & that i haven't used it all yet! it made its way in to two of the three salads this week.

vegan potato & kale

beet & kale (vegan & regular versions)

there's broccoli salad too but everyone know what that looks like by now.

ok just a few desserts to portion & i'm done for the night & it's a reasonable hour!!!

hope to see you at the market tomorrow :)

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