Thursday, May 14, 2015

big changes

this coming weekend will be my last weekend at the market for quite some time.

fear not, my trusty kitchen helper krista will be taking over cupcake, goat milk fudge & salad production for the rest of the summer. krista has been working with me for a couple of years now & has been learning the ins and outs of frostings, batters & salads. she'll be with me this weekend to train & get familiar with all the regulars & then she'll be flying solo next weekend.

here she is:

she's super nice & loves children so she'll be a perfect purveyor of mini cupcakes :)

as of may 17th my frozen food...& snickers brownies...& breakfast cookies...will no longer be available! i've been alerting my regulars to these developments for a few weeks now & they've been stockpiling in a big way. my back up freezers are virtually empty but my freezer at the market is brimming. by the end of the weekend everything MUST GO! there will be a liquidation sale on sunday. i haven't figured out the particulars yet but i'll post it to facebook & twitter on saturday night but i don't think there will be much left by then.

here's what's in the freezer:

brisket & blue
small $10  large $20
i have a paleo version (gluten & dairy free) of this in the small but i can't remember if i have any left in the large.
i also have side dishes of just the blue cheese gnocchi with kale.
small $7

chicken parmesan
small $10  large $20
there's a small paleo version of this one too

peanut-ginger pulled pork
small $10  large $20
this one is just naturally paleo but i also have a few larges with basmati rice instead of sweet potato puree.

mediterranean vegetable ragu
small $9  large $18
this one is vegetarian & gluten free but has lots of cheese.

beef shepherd's pie
small $10  large $20
i have it with sweet potato puree or the regular cheddar-green onion mash

there are lots of options but i only have a few of each so it's best to come early if you have your heart set on anything.

there are still soups too. they're all $7/500ml serving.

carrot, apple, ginger: vegan, gluten free, paleo

curried butternut squash: vegan, gluten free, paleo

classic beef stew

creamy roasted root vegetable: vegetarian, gluten free

thai chicken & rice: gluten free, dairy free

ok i think that about covers it for frozen food.

also, in case you were wondering what's bringing on all the changes...i'm engaged!!!

it's been a great run at the market but it's time to start the next chapter of my life & who knows what's in store, i may be back to the market in the fall depending on my immigration status.

i hope to see lots of regulars this weekend before i fly away on monday morning...hmmmm i should probably start packing....

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