Thursday, March 10, 2011

i like green things

so after my beef extravaganza of last weekend - this week i'm going green. 

this is the filling for the first instalment in my pie phase. 
it's shani's farm free range chicken mixed with loads of leeks, celery, broccoli and bacon. the gravy is with homemade chicken stock and fresh herbs. i used puff pastry for the lid - but i made lemon, pepper & herb biscuits too if you crave more starch. oh and back to the green - i made a side dish of shallots, peas, mustard greens, lemon and tarragon.
i'm still working out prices and i'd like to combine things to offer a 'full meal deal', but my brain is currently fried so all of the details will be on my brand new blackboard tomorrow.
today i also braised the chicken that's going into the rappi pies for sunday. so quick review, rappi pie = layers of grated potatoes hydrated with chicken stock, chicken meat, caramelized onions and salt pork. it also equals radical and my favourite thing to eat ever. i'll definitely make up personal and family-size options and some roasted noggins beets on the side.

i also catered a birthday party last night - these are the lemon tarts they had for dessert.

i've had a busy week. yesterday, a frozen food delivery, followed by a dinner party for eleven, then five types of sweets for a catered lunch today and prepping the rest of the day to get ready for the market tomorrow, pwef... and i still have time to watch american idol (nerd). just so you know, i'm definitely interested in small caterings, deliveries, etc. right now it's just me but as soon as i can afford to hire someone maybe i can rock out some bigger events too, if there's the demand...
ok back to sweets, tomorrow i will have carrot and red velvet cupcakes - both with cream cheese frosting, 'snickers' brownies (they're extra chocolatey this week, i tweaked the recipe), lemon meringue tarts of course, oatmeal, white chocolate and cranberry cookies, and chocolate coconut macaroons, oh and dark chocolate truffles with cayenne and cinnamon. i'm testing out a blondie recipe too so on sunday i'll have butterscotch blondies as well - as long as they aren't a complete disaster.
i also have tons of frozen soups, chowder and chili, lobster mac & cheese, fishcakes & beans, roast pork dinners, spaghetti & meatballs, sausage & pepper penne, and general tao's chicken. 
ok i think that's it, i think...

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  1. Haha, I was wondering why your dad needed a blackboard.. I'm definitely going to have to make another trip to the market- your list of yummy food is making me drool!