Wednesday, March 30, 2011


it's official - i now have a spot at the market for saturdays!

i'll be located at the base of the stairs down by the fish shop, the giant flower place and selwood green.
i will now be at the market on saturdays and sundays - sorry to all friday market-goers. due to health department regulations, i would change from a market vendor to a food shop if i was at the market more than two days a week and therefore i would encounter an entirely new set of regulations (aka financial investment!). down the road i'd like to be there more, but for now the weekends will have to do. i'm sorry to all friday peeps but hopefully you can make it down over the weekend and maybe we can set up a delivery if that's not a possibility.

this week i'll be doing a greek-inspired lamb meatball dish, with a spicy sundried tomato and olive sauce, grilled zucchini & peppers, and lemony couscous as one fresh option.
the other will be butter chicken from shani's farm (oh yeah the lamb is from shani's too) with chickpeas, butternut squash, roasted cauliflower and basmati rice.
i'm also going to make some flatbread with tzatziki/raita to accompany the mains.

i have tons of frozen entrees and soup plus, of course, loads of baked goodies. i'll post a more in depth menu with prices tomorrow - but i currently have about 60 bottles of bbq sauce to attend to...

saturdays - yay!

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