Wednesday, November 30, 2011

dumping day

yesterday was 'dumping day'. it's officially the day that lobster fishermen on the south shore can set their baited traps so they can start hauling them today on the first day of lobster season.

i like lobster. i also like watching all the action from inside where it's warm.

yeah that's the view from inside my living room!

anyway, i live in a fishing village & i have prime real estate for watching all the 'goings on' of dumping day. there were a few helicopters out, the coast guard was there is full force inspecting permits, and as the day progressed i watched the number of traps on the docks dwindle.

as far as i'm concerned, lobster fishermen are some of the hardest workers out there. the seas are pretty dangerous at this time of year, the water is cold and the lobsters are unbelievably vicious before they have their bands on.

yesterday the fishermen were blessed with awesome weather.

calm seas & no wind make for a pretty amazing dumping day. but alas, the north atlantic is not always so forgiving & cooperative. today the wind had picked up, but at least it's not cold yet.

this is still pretty tame, but the lobster fishermen brave seas all winter that are completely ridiculous.

as a business owner, i'm always concerned with the bottom line, but at the same time i think people should be rewarded for risking their lives and harvesting one of the best local products around. it's such a shame that the lobster market has bottomed out - these folks deserve more for the work they are doing and the risks they are taking. 

buy local & buy direct whenever possible... & don't complain about the price of lobster - it's totally worth it.

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