Friday, November 25, 2011

weekend menu

sorry i'm a little late posting this today... but i was running around all morning & dropping off mini cupcakes to the festival of trees luncheon. i knew it was a big event but holy camoly that place was radical! the trees were all so 'blinged' out, the decor was amazing & there were tons and tons of cakes. my little mini cupcakes looked so cute and amateurish next to all the elaborate, fondant covered creations... but i'm sure that tasted awesome, and that's what really counts!

and the trees... the trees were so beautiful... and intense.

this one was my favourite colour scheme.

this one was mostly edible - those are cookie ornaments, super cute!

yeah that's right, shoes as ornaments!

and this one was my favourite of them all...

a candy creation from sweet jane's.

now i'm definitely in the christmas spirit, i wish i didn't have to bake all day & could start decorating instead. but alas, the cupcakes, cookies, tarts, squares, rolls & brownies won't bakes themselves.

cupcake flavours this week are chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, carrot & banana chocolate chip. i'll have the toffee, chocolate, nut squares, lemon meringues, snickers brownies & oatmeal, cranberry, white chocolate chip cookies as well.

the quinoa salad got a minor makeover from some whole grain mustard & dill, and the wild rice salad has all the usual suspects.

the fresh option this week is a curry. it's loaded up with braised shani's farm chicken, cauliflower, sweet potatoes & butternut squash, green beans, coriander and lime. this batch of basmati is kicked up with coconut milk, cardamom & kaffir lime and i don't think i'll ever cook just plain rice again.
small $10 large $20

from the freezer there's lots of tourtieres, shepherd's pies, lobster macs, braised brisket, vegan lasagna & fish cakes & beans. there's a few small chicken, leek, broccoli & bacon pies floating around but they are in very short supply - i'll make more for next week.

then for soups, etc:

curried butternut squash
pumpkin, ginger, cardamom
beet, parsnip & pear
vegan stew
vegan chilli
lentil veggie
roasted red pepper, tomato, sweet potato & chipotle
cream of cauliflower
potato, leek, celery root & parsnip
miso mushroom
baked beans
beef stew
seafood chowder

ps: the first 6 are vegan & gluten free.

there's a new batch of maple bourbon bbq sauce all packaged up & sesame ginger is in the works... but i'm waaayyyyy behind schedule so it remains to be seen if it makes it to the market tomorrow.

time to get crackin', see ya tomorrow.

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  1. am i seeing the toffee, coconut nut squares from when I visited???? SWEET!!!!!