Thursday, June 21, 2012

big breakfast

tomorrow... well actually later today... it's quarter past 12... cbc information morning is hosting its annual birthday breakfast at the market. it's estimated that upwards of 2000 people will descend on the market tomorrow morning (doors open at 6), so i figured i had better be there too.

i went in & set up my table this evening and the entire building was a flurry of activity. the centre court has been turned in to a stage for the broadcast & lots of other vendors were loading in and setting up their tables too. it's looking like it could actually be lots of fun, despite the super early wake up.

i have no idea what to expect, but i think i'm ready for pretty much any eventuality.
there are 7, yes 7, flavours of cupcakes:
red velvet-raspberry
banana choco chip-peanut butter
chocolate-chocolate or mint

also, there's snickers brownies, maple walnut shortbread squares, oatmeal cookies, chocolate macaroons, lemon meringue & passionfruit tarts, sour cherry-raspberry cheesecakes & gluten-free strawberry-rhubarb cheesecakes. i think there's either nuts, whole grains or fruit in every sweet offering, so in my mind they're all pretty much breakfast foods ;)

for a more substantial breakfast tomorrow morning, i'll also be serving hot fish cakes & baked beans with green tomato chutney. it's a collaborative effort from the fish shop, pat's preserves & myself. for $4 you can have a tasting plate of peter's fish cakes, my baked beans & pat's chutney.

moving into lunch domain, the salads this week are quinoa, sweet potato & broccoli. they're all very similar to last week's. the sweet potato now has pepitas & avocados as well. the quinoa has even more veggies, mint, basil & a bit more heat. the broccoli just has more crunchy stuff - bell peppers, sunflower seeds, toasted almonds.

this week i also made fresh batches of hearty chicken stew & roasted red pepper/tomato/sweet potato/chipotle soup.

the new mains are asian-inspired pulled pork & chicken parmigiana.
the pulled pork is the same as usual with lots of lime, ginger, sesame, broccoli, soy, rice, nappa & bean sprouts. this one has been a pretty hot commodity & i've been having trouble keeping it in stock.
large $20

it's been a long, long time since i made chicken parm & i don't know why, i love it! 

the chicken is buttermilk marinated and then breaded with an herby, panko-parmesan mixture. it sits atop a super hearty tomato sauce filled with spinach & den haan tomatoes. then there are thick fettuccine noodles and lots of cheese!
small $10 large $20

ok sleep time. see you in a few hours.

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