Friday, June 1, 2012

ahead of the game

miracle of all miracles, i already have all of my meals, soups & bbq sauces completed and packaged up. i now have my full arsenal of bbq sauces back, a pretty wide selection of soups & all of the most popular meals are on the menu... i don't want to jump the gun but i'm contemplating take a break for a few days next week... fingers crossed.

this week the asian-inspired pulled pork dish is back on the menu. it's done with pork shoulder from getaway farm and it's braised with lots of garlic, ginger, sesame, soy & chillies. it's served with jasmine rice, roasted broccoli, napa cabbage, bean sprouts, green onions & cilantro.

pulled pork isn't exactly the most aesthetically pleasing food, but gosh darn it, i'm pretty pleased with how it tastes.
smalls $10 larges $20

here's a list of the other main courses i have in the freezer:
beef bourguignon with either mashed potatoes or polenta            sm $11 lg $22
meatloaf & mashed potatoes with caramelized onions                 sm $8 lg $16
shepherd's pie with cheddar-green onion mash                             sm $9 lg $18
moroccan meatballs (either turkey or beef) with harissa quinoa  sm $10 lg $20
chicken, leek, broccoli, bacon pies                                                        sm $10 lg $20
chicken & chickpea curry with basmati rice                            sm $10 
lobster mac & cheese with foxhill cheese curds & leek bechamel     sm $12.5 lg $25
salt cod fish cakes & baked beans                                      $15
broccoli strata                                                                          $15
plain or vegetarian mac & cheese                                                              sm $8 large $16
tofu tagine with cauliflower, tomatoes, coriander & quinoa        sm $9 lg $18
vegan curry with chickpeas, sweet potato & basmati rice sm $8

ummmmm i don't think this is going to all fit on my blackboard at the market. definitely time for a break.

this week i also restocked a couple vegan soups. the curried butternut squash & the carrot, apple, ginger are both making their triumphant returns. 

then i decided to make 4 salads this week.
i've become slightly addicted to the sweet potato salad so i'll be making that one again - unchanged.
it's also been a long time since i made the 4-bean salad, so that one's back this week. there's sprouted lentils, adzuki & mung beans, fresh green beans, garlic, dill, dijon & a little red bell pepper.
the quinoa salad this week will have asparagus, artichokes, kalamata olives, lemon, garlic & lots of fresh herbs.
and last but not least, there's a potato salad with fennel, tarragon, radishes, celery, pickled garlic scapes & lots of grainy mustard.
this week all of the salads are vegan, gluten-free and $5 each.

all of the sweets this week will be exactly the same as last week - cookies, macaroons, snickers, lemon tarts, maple walnut squares, rhubarb cheesecakes, sour cherry-raspberry cheesecakes & lots of cupcakes.

last week was a crazy weekend for cupcakes. to help put things in perspective, here's how much frosting i made on friday for the market:

i thought it would be more than enough to get me through the weekend, but then last saturday night i found myself back in the kitchen making more. that's bananas!

okee dokee those cupcakes aren't gonna bake themselves (if only) so i'd best boogey.
see ya bright & early.

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