Friday, July 20, 2012

it's all happening

let's see: tall ships, pride, al fresco film festival, sunshine, blue skies... halifax is a pretty happening joint right now. i have absolutely no idea how this will affect things this weekend, but i'm slightly frightened and i've baked extra cupcakes just in case... acckkkk!

as for savoury fare, this week i have a new grilled pork loin dish.

i started off by grilling radicchio, fennel, endive & apples.

then i brined some pork loin in garrison red beer overnight, seasoned it up & grilled it.

then i mixed the grilled veg in with crispy gnocchi, bacon, caramelized onions & swiss chard.

then topped it with the grilled pork & finished the whole thing off with a maple-mustard dressing.
pretty stoked.
smalls $10 larges $20

also whipped up a batch of seafood chowder this week. i actually got a little carried away...

not sure why i feel the need to fill pots to such critical levels - but i always do! this version has mussels, haddock & smoked haddock in a clam broth with dill, lemon, leeks, celery & potatoes.

500ml containers are $7 each.

this week the salads will be the same as last week: broccoli, potato (vegan), quinoa (vegan) & 4-bean (vegan). they're packed up in the same 500ml containers as the soups and go for $5 each.

on to the sweets. this week there are six flavours of cupcakes:
banana-peanut butter
red velvet-raspberry
chocolate-chocolate or mint

everything else remains the same & i think i'll make cheddar cornbread muffins instead of dinner rolls this week.

okee dokee, see ya's tomorrow.

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