Thursday, July 26, 2012


well it's official, summer is absolutely flying by. but thank goodness it's been pretty magnificent thus far, about a gazillion times nicer than last year for sure. i'm actually making an effort to enjoy it & do fun things, and therefore i've been a wee bit m.i.a from the blog and my facebook page.

there's just been so much to do - tanning, swimming, shopping, eating. i'm actually becoming a bit of a regular at the bicycle thief, definitely my fave restaurant in the city and conveniently located right on the waterfront, which has been buzzing with activity of late. 

 taste of nova scotia put on a great show during tall ships - lots of tasty grub, cooking demos & ample opportunities to stalk celebrity chef chuck hughes...

this week is also pretty ridiculous. since i'm a maniac, i'm catering the largest function in the history of my little business on saturday night after doing a full day at the market... and then i'll be back at the market on sunday. i might be the tiredest, grouchiest cupcake girl of all time but i'll be there :)

so i won't have the time or the fridge space to whip up a new main course this week. fear not, i had planned for this and made sure there were lots of other options in the freezer and, of course, i'll still have the usual array of fresh salads & baked goods.

alrighty back to work, pulled pork, steak tarts, smoked chicken, planked arctic char...

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