Thursday, November 22, 2012


well it appears that december is just around the corner... sigh, tear, sniffle, wimper... and with it the holiday season. this year the #shift10 conversation on twitter is already trending as people make the concerted effort to shift at least 10% of their holiday spending to local businesses.

last night i already fulfilled my 10% at the vintage pink treasures jewelry sale.

but i still have plenty of local shopping to do.

the coast is also promoting a 'buy local pledge.' you take the pledge online to spend at least $100 locally this holiday season and you're entered into a draw for 1 of 6 $500 gift certificates to shop at supporting local businesses - i've donated little red kitsch'n gift certificates and if you look real close at the posters around town you can see my little logo!!!

Baby buy buy buy

holiday craft shows are another great way to keep your bucks local. a lot of the big shows just aren't my scene, but i have chosen to participate in a couple smaller ones that you may not have heard of.

i went to the halifax crafters show last christmas as a shopper and fell in love with everything. this year i'll be there as a vendor but fear i will immediately spend every cent of my earnings on all of the treasures there.

i will also be at the east coast momma collective show.

i figure the frozen foods and ready-to-go salads are great for busy new moms.
you'll also notice that both these shows are happening at the same time... and also at the same time as the seaport market. as i have not yet been able to clone myself, i have enlisted the help of a team of ladies to help me be in three places at once. i personally will be at the halifax crafters show, but will have friends working the other two tables. i'll still be making all the food myself & will have a wide array of my products at each location so don't be alarmed when you don't see me at the market.

it will be a logistical nightmare - 3 sets of signage, 3 table displays, 3 times the baking, 3 bins of packaging & incidentals... - but i've been prepping like a crazy person so that next week i just have to bake, make salads (& sandwiches), and organize instead of cooking.

i'll post a full menu tomorrow but *spoiler alert* chicken parm is back on the menu this week.

a demain.

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