Friday, November 2, 2012

well looky here...

a real live blog post - hooray!
it's been a couple of weeks since my last post, apologies, time has just been getting away from me. This week definitely necessitates a blog post though - i have been cooking up a storm.

this is one of the THREE freezers i filled this week.

there are fresh batches of salt cod fish cakes, 'thanksgiving pies' (which i described in my turkey day blog post) and chicken/leek/broccoli/bacon pies.

they're pretty much a staple on the menu, but here's a refresher nonetheless: double-smoked bacon starts things off, then i add sliced leeks and cook them down with celery and herbs until they're super tender, then stir in some flour to thicken things up and whisk in lots of homemade chicken stock (made from roasting the bones i pick up from shani's farm). let the mixture come to a simmer, then add in the chicken meat. i use chicken thighs which i first roast and then shred removing any fat/gristle/bones - also from shani's farm. remove from the heat, add in the broccoli, divide into serving dishes, cool & then top with puff pastry. it's good, homey comfort food, perfect as the weather is starting to change.
small $10 large $20

in addition to a few old favourites, there are two new main courses on the menu this week - variations on the same theme. the base is rice cooked up with cumin, coriander & chipotle. then it's topped with my back bean & corn chili. the first version then gets a layer of pulled pork seasoned with a chipotle (not too spicy) sauce and is finally topped with cheese & green onions.

small $10 large $20

then i made a vegan version. the first two layers are the same, instead of pulled pork there is roasted butternut squash & cherry tomatoes, then it gets topped with dairy-free daiya 'cheese' and green onions.

small $9 large $18

here's a full list of main courses in the freezer at the moment:
fish cakes & baked beans   serves 2   $15
spinach & artichoke strata   serves 4   $15
thanksgiving pies   small $10   large $20
chicken, leek, broccoli, bacon pies   small $10   large $20
curried chicken & chickpeas   small $10   large $20
lobster mac & cheese   small $10   large $20
beef bourguignon   small $10   large $20
beef shepherd's pie   small $10   large $20
chipotle pulled pork   small $10   large $20
vegan southwest rice & beans   small $9   large $18
vegan shepherd's pie  small $9   large $18

ummmmmmm i have NO idea how this is all going to fit on my blackboard... i may have gotten a little carried away...

i also packaged up the black bean & corn chili on its own ($7) and ideally i'd like to make a fresh batch of seafood chowder today... if i can find somewhere to put it.

the salads this week will be broccoli, quinoa & root vegetable.
the broccoli is the usual with bacon, almonds, red onion, red pepper, sunflower seeds, cranberries & a creamy dressing.
the quinoa will be a version i used to make with carrots, cucumbers, celery, peanuts, ginger & cilantro in a curry dressing.
the root vegetable will be a grated slaw with lots of cabbage, carrots, parsnips, fennel & sprouts in a whole-grain mustard vinaigrette.
per usual they are $5 for a 500ml container.

hopefully everyone isn't too 'sugared-out' post halloween & still has lots of room for cupcakes. this week there will be vanilla-blueberry, red velvet-raspberry, carrot-maple, banana chocolate chip-peanut butter, chocolate-chocolate or mint and pumpkin spice-vanilla to choose from.

ps: last weekend my pumpkin cupcakes actually won the pumpkin pie contest at the market squeeeee! so i'll be keeping them around for a few weeks. make sure to pop by & give one a try.

okee dokee time to get baking... and salad making... and chowder making... sigh.
see you in the morning!

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