Friday, January 4, 2013

happy 2013

happy new year everyone!
i've got a pretty good feeling about 2013 already.

i can imagine that lots of folks made the resolution to eat healthier and lighten things up so i'm starting off with the salads.

this week i made the thai curry quinoa salad. there are peanuts, carrots, cucumbers, peppers, green onions, and snow peas with mint, basil, cilantro, lime, garlic, ginger & sriracha. i think this is my absolute favourite salad of all time. there are also lots of broccoli & sweet potato salads. the sweet potato salad has actually been getting loads of twitter love from the fine folks at jitterbug sodas, stickler chocolates & made with local. it has definitely become a market vendor favourite - thanks for all the support!

there are also two new main courses on the menu. i deboned and roasted up my 20 pound shani's farm free run turkey. i coated the dark meat in a nice spice rub with lots of cumin & paprika, then shredded the meat & mixed it with lots of chipotle lime barbeque sauce. it's paired with black bean & corn succotash, lime, cilantro, jalapeno havarti & brown rice.

small $10 large $20

the second main course is turkey & dressing pie. this one was a two-day process. i first had to roast the bones and then make a pretty serious stock before i could get to work on the gravy. it's with herb-roasted white meat, peas, carrots, celery, sprouts & gravy of course. it's topped with cranberry & sage dressing and it's essentially turkey dinner wrapped up in one bite.

small $10 large $20

this week i also tackled one of my new year's resolutions. i've been meaning to make gluten-free cupcakes for ages and ages and i've had a few requests to go paleo. this week i went for it. i made almond joy (chocolate-coconut-almond) paleo cupcakes. they are 100% grain-free, turned out better than i expected and gave me a reason to experiment with some new ingredients - coconut flour & oil.

now i'm not quite ready to make any concessions just yet when it comes to frosting. they'll be topped with coconut cream cheese frosting or chocolate buttercream... not quite paleo, but definitely gluten-free!

there are also lemon tarts (not passionfruit this week - sorry), pumpkin tarts, breakfast cookies, mixed berry cheesecakes, maple walnut bars, snickers brownies & the usual assortment of cupcakes.

sorry if anyone missed me at the market last sunday - i'm a little overprotective of my new car - but i'll be back to my regular schedule this week.
saturday 7am-4pm
sunday 8am-4pm

see you all over the weekend!

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