Thursday, January 17, 2013

valentine's day

well it's that time of year again - christmas is but a distant memory & thoughts are turning to chocolate and flowers as valentine's day approaches.

despite the anxiety & chaos of last year, i have decided to run my valentine's day delivery service again - dinner for two delivered to your door (or workplace). this year i vow to be more organized and i may even start deliveries on the 13th so i'm not a ball of stress, road-raging around town during rush hour on the day of.

so same rules as last year: choice of app & main, my only rule being that the meal has to be the same for each household. i will try my best to accommodate any food allergies as well. the delivery area is anywhere within halifax and maybe over to dartmouth too if there's demand.

ok so here goes with the menu. i've spent the last week agonizing over this and hope that i've come up with a nice variety of 'romantic' options.

choice of:
velvety indian spiced cauliflower soup with brown butter croutons (vegetarian)

roasted beet salad with tomatoes and arugula, herbed goat cheese, toasted pine nuts and balsamic dressing (vegetarian)

steak and stilton tarts on a puff pastry crust with port reduction, pecans and watercress

the last option is based on one of my favourite hors d'oeuvres of all time.

now on to the main courses.
choice of:

creamy fettuccine with artichokes, swiss chard, sun dried tomatoes, roasted garlic, lemon & parmesan topped with an herby bread crumb crust (vegetarian)

moroccan chicken tagine with green olives, preserved lemon, dates & fennel served over harissa quinoa studded with almonds and coriander

roast pork loin in a white wine, grainy mustard & maple sauce, with roasted root vegetables, pears, baby potatoes and sage

seafood and chorizo paella with saffron, smoked paprika, lobster, mussels, shrimp & tilapia finished with tomatoes & roasted red peppers

this one is sort of like the jambalaya i've done before...

...except less spicy and with more spanish flair and seafood.

heating & plating instructions will be posted on the blog this year because it seems my printer & i don't really get along.

new this year, for dessert, i decided it would be more fun to do a sampler platter with lots of little nibbles to share.
chocolate covered strawberries
salted caramel blondies
champagne truffles
mini pink grapefruit cupcakes
and just a bite of the decadent chocolate bars i made last year

pricing will be based on the main course you choose.

artichoke fettuccine - $60
chicken tagine or roast pork - $65
paella - $70

the price is for two people and includes your choice of app, dessert sampler & delivery.

when placing orders please e-mail me at with your address, phone number, preferred delivery time and menu selection of course. payment can be made with cash, cheque, e-mail money transfer, visa or mastercard.

okee dokee i think that's it. i hope the menu sounds good & that you're all scrambling to get your orders in ;)


ps: i decided that orders have to be placed by february 7th so i can get all my food shopping done, packaging organized & plan my most efficient delivery schedule. thanks!

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