Friday, May 24, 2013

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well it's official, this weather is really starting to get to me. the fog is thick as mud here in prospect village and i'm reminiscing of the hot & sunny days in southern ontario. i guess despite the fact that this gloomy weather is depressing, it's a good thing for business - people are still in winter mode & craving warm, comforting food.

this week i restocked the chicken, leek & bacon pies - it doesn't get much more comforting than that. this batch is with root vegetables again (turnips, parsnips, celery root, carrots & potatoes) instead of broccoli. there's shani's farm chicken, peas, herbs and a sauce made from intense homemade chicken stock.

that was one big pot of goodness. i had to stand on a chair to be tall enough to stir. then lifting it from the stove to prep table was slightly frightening! but on the up side, i won't have to make chicken pies again for some time :)

small $10 large $20

i've been running with the same salads for a couple of weeks now. it seems when i switch it up, it throws people off a little but once all the fun summer veggies start returning to the market, there'll be a bit more variation.
sweet potato: avocado, tomato, bell pepper, lime, cilantro
broccoli: bacon, almond, cranberry, sunflower seed, red onion
beet: wheatberry, goat cheese, balsamic, pear, radicchio, arugula

the quinoa salad will be quite spring-y this week. it's getting asparagus, radishes & cherry tomatoes, and this week i'm throwing in blanched fiddleheads & ramps.

ramps are perhaps my favourite vegetable. they are in the allium family, grow wild in the woods, and have a delicate garlicky/oniony flavour. they are called l'ail de bois in french (wild garlic) but are also often referred to as wild leeks. all i really know is that they're delicious and these are the first ones i've gotten my hands on since moving back to nova scotia. jason pelley from pelley foods was my source & hopefully there'll be lots more coming down the pipeline.

some ramps made their way into a creamy blue cheese & ramp dip i made for the public engagement session at the market this week. i forgot to take pictures but there's a nice one on the market facebook page. the other dips were olive & roasted red pepper tapenade; artichoke, parmesan & sundried tomato; and a curry & coriander hummus. there were crackers, veggies, cookies & of course mini cupcakes as well.

needless to say, that put me a bit behind schedule this week. i have a lot to get done today! i think i'll shrink my cupcake selection from 8 flavours to 7 to make up for it (no lemon-blueberry this week), but hopefully nothing else falls by the wayside.

well i hope to see everyone at the market this weekend - it really is the perfect rainy day excursion.
& i'm off to the races.

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