Friday, May 10, 2013

last minute blurb

well, this post is a bit late coming but i hope a few of you get a chance to read it before the market tomorrow.

i survived last weekend. it went really well thanks to the help of krista, jenna & femke. i was exhausted but it was worth it. crafters was another great time. everything from the other vendors, the music, the organizers & the decor made it great. that plus the most epic lunch of all time care of the food wolf & jitterbug sodas.

it's called a 'k-dog' with kimchi, bacon, green onions & special sauce. paired with a watermelon-mint soda it was the perfect fuel to get me through the day.

so after last weekend, i decided to take it a bit easier in the kitchen. i made a new batch of seafood chowder (that just went in to the freezer & might not be completely frozen by the time i head to the market). and i also whipped up a new batch of vegan vegetable stew. i haven't made this one is ages but lately have had lots of requests for it. it's tomato based & then packed with veggies: onions, garlic, celery, carrots, parsnips, potatoes, celery root, green beans, zucchini, corn, cherry tomatoes, kale & fresh herbs. when i posted the pic to twitter & instagram the caption was 'just in time for beach season,' this stuff is uber healthy & great if you're working on your beach bod ;)

as for main courses, i have 1 vegan lasagna left, just a couple large chipotle chickens and moroccan meatballs and the four-cheese lasagnas are in short supply. there are lots of shepherd's pies, vegan curries, mushroom udon dishes, chicken parms and sweet & sour meatballs left. and i will actually remember to bring fish cakes with me tomorrow so those will be back on the menu.

ok then there are lots of salads - quinoa, beet, sweet potato & broccoli. they are all pretty much identical to last week.

and since it's mother's day this weekend, i made extra cupcakes. flavours this week are:
red velvet-raspberry
banana-peanut butter
paleo chocolate-coconut

tonight was also the SHYM gala (supportive housing for young mothers) through the YWCA and i sent along some spring-y treats in pink in green. hopefully they're being gobbled up as i type this.

oh & if you're in a need of a mother's day gift - why not a little red kitsch'n gift certificate? a night off from cooking sounds like a great gift to me. they're available in any denomination and redeemable at the market, on caterings, deliveries or special orders.

ok, back to the kitchen to finish up some odds & ends before bed. hope to see you all over the weekend.

ps: it's open city tomorrow, make sure to check the map & get in on all the fun downtown - i'm hoping to catch a few things after the market!

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