Friday, December 13, 2013

i am three

today is the three year anniversary of the day my kitchen was approved by the health department & i could start cooking & baking. i have cooked & baked a lot in three years. it's been slightly psychotic/stressful/exhausting/overwhelming at times but it's pretty great that i get to work for myself, make whatever i want & interact with my customers each week. thanks so much for all the support & coming back each week for more grub!

this week there is lots of grub to choose from.

1. cheddar-bacon mac & cheese

roselane farm smoked bacon, roasted cherry tomatoes, corn, green onions, foxhill curds, cheddar, mozza, parm & panko

small $9  large $18

2. mediterranean grilled vegetable ragu

hearty tomato sauce with grilled eggplant, zucchini, red peppers, red onions, kalamata olives, capers, basil, balsamic, parm with a side of roasted garlic quinoa
vegetarian & gluten free

small $9  large $18

3. holiday pulled pork

mustard & clove braised getaway farm pork shoulder, kale, peppers, sweet potato casserole (with a touch of parsnip & turnip to cut through the sweetness), candied walnuts
gluten free & paleo

small $10  large $20

4. lobster mac & cheese

leek bechamel, foxhill curds, mozzarella, parmesan, panko, roasted tomatoes, basil, lemon

these arrived at my door this morning:

and were quickly turned in to this:

not gluten free, not dairy free, not low fat, just a delicious, decadent indulgence - perfect for the holidays!

small $12  large $24

the salads this week are broccoli, beet & quinoa. the quinoa is the curry version with peanuts, sesame, cilantro, ginger & loads of crunchy veggies. the beet & broccoli are identical to last week.

i also have the usual assortment of sweets plus new GLUTEN FREE eggnog cheesecake bars. also starting tomorrow, the holiday sweet samplers will be available at the market - 30 pieces (my choice) for $25. they will be available right up until christmas eve day. if you have particular preferences or you're in a rush, make sure they are pre-ordered please!

also don't forget i have gift certificates available - any denomination, no expiration date, perfect stocking stuffer.

okee dokee time to catch some zzz's, i have a feeling it's going to be bananas in there tomorrow!
see you soon :)

ps: here are the pics of the food i made last week when my blog wasn't cooperating

i have a few small portions of blue cheese gnocchi available without the brisket. makes a nice vegetarian side - $7.5

i actually made this cake on monday but i just love it!

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