Wednesday, January 22, 2014


it's that time of year again - valentine's day is fast approaching and once again i'll be offering a 3-course dinner for two delivery service throughout halifax & dartmouth.

going out on valentine's day can be such a pain - making a reservation, stressing over if it's at the best restaurant, figuring out what to wear, booking a baby sitter, finding parking, paying for marked up wine... the list goes on & on. i think it's a much better idea to stay in, relax & enjoy a nice meal at home with your valentine without all the stress.

enter little red kitsch'n. this will be the third year of my valentine's day dinner delivery service. all the food is fresh, never frozen, so heating times will be much faster & it gives me a little more wiggle room with menu options.

it's simple - message me your order to with your address, phone # & preferred delivery time and then on the 14th i'll pop by & drop it off. in an effort to preserve my sanity, the meal must be the same per household, each appetizer & main course is meant to be shared. payment in advance by visa, mastercard or email money transfer works just fine or cash at the door is even better.

here's this year's menu:

- choice of appetizer -

panko crusted crab & corn cakes with grilled pineapple salsa, cilantro, lime & spicy mayo

citrus salad with pomegranate, shaved fennel, pistachios and baby arugula with a shallot & honey vinaigrette (gluten free)

thai inspired green curry & coconut chicken soup with sweet potatoes & chillies (gluten free)

- choice of main course

beef bourguignon in a robust red wine sauce, pearl onions, roasted root vegetables, wilted kale & creamy blue cheese mash (gluten free)

maple roasted pork loin with crispy pancetta, gnocchi, radicchio, swiss chard & roasted apples with a grainy mustard sauce

truffled mushroom lasagna with roasted garlic bechamel, fresh herbs, spinach, parmesan & goat cheese

- sweet sampler - 
(the sweet sampler will be the same for everyone - perfect for sharing)

chocolate covered strawberries (gluten free)
shades of pink mini cupcakes (can make some gluten free)
decadent chocolate chai brownies (gluten free)
salted caramel brown butter blondies
hazelnut truffles (gluten free)

this is what it looked like last year:

the cost of dinner for you & your sweetie is based on your main course selection:

beef - $80 ($92 after tax)
pork - $80 ($92 after tax)
mushroom - $70 ($80.5 after tax)

please place your orders by february 10th so i can gather supplies & get preparations underway.

hope the menu sounds good this year & you're all racing to your computers to get your orders in ;)

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