Thursday, March 13, 2014

best of food 2014

okee dokee, it's that time of year again. the coast has released its 'best of food 2014' survey!

the survey is reader's choice & is a fantastic resource when haligonians are deciding where to spend their food dollars. to have little red kitsch'n mentioned would be fantastic exposure & great for this little one-woman gong show - fingers crossed!

they also did a redesign of the survey this year & i much prefer it to last year. it takes a few minutes to register but after that it's smooth sailing & this year sees the return of lots of individual menu items that were absent last year (cupcakes in particular!).

here are few categories that you might consider for little red kitsch'n:

best pastry (cookie, cupcake, doughnut):

best desserts - snickers brownies perhaps? or chocolate goat's milk fudge? or passionfruit bars? or all those cakes?

best chowder - i have several die-hards for this one:

best salad:

best vegetarian-friendly - there are all the salads, loads of veggie soups & a selection of frozen meals:

best gluten-free friendly - i'm not an exclusively gluten-free operation, but i'm certainly quite friendly with cupcakes, soups, salads & meals for all your gluten-free needs:

best farmer's market stall - i'm huge with the 3-year-olds!!!:


best chef - i mean, come on now, obviously ;)

thanks for your consideration & for all of your support over the past few years.
see you at the market!

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