Thursday, April 17, 2014

easter weekend

it's only thursday & i'm writing a blog post. 
'what gives?' you might ask.
well i'm heading to the market on friday & saturday this week and taking easter sunday off to eat copious amounts of chocolate & ham. i will be at the market from 10am-3pm tomorrow & 7am-3pm on saturday.

i've been incredibly busy in the kitchen lately, not with caterings but just keeping the freezers stocked, my usual baking & a ridiculous # of special order cakes. i made 3 last week!!!

anyway, that's what i was doing on friday night instead of writing my blog.

last week i made a fresh batch of beef shepherd's pie. it was actually a ginormous batch using 15 pounds of getaway farm beef. there's peas, corn, carrots, herbs, tangy gravy & cheddar-green onion mashed potatoes. it's just classic comfort food & it's gluten free to boot!

small $10  large $20

i also made seafood chowder. this batch has mussels, tilapia & smoked haddock from goldwater seafood. it has a clam broth base, celery, potatoes, fresh dill & a touch of lemon. this is pretty much a staple of my menu; i've been making this since the beginning of little red kitsch'n & i have some customers who buy it EVERY week.

500ml - $7

this week i worked on a massive batch of chicken parmigiana. the chicken is marinated in garlic, herbs & buttermilk. then it's crusted with panko & parmesan and baked (not fried). it's served in a hearty tomato sauce with san marzano tomatoes, fresh cherry tomatoes, spinach & basil, on a bed of fettuccine.

it's also covered in mozzarella cheese!
small $10  large $20

i made up a whole whack of paleo versions as well. i omitted the panko from the breading & replaced the noodles with sauteed peppers, mushrooms & zucchini.

small $10

then it was on to beet, parsnip & pear soup. i like to refer to this one as disco soup - the colour is so vibrant it just looks like a party!

it's vegan & gluten free
500ml - $7

salads this week are:

sweet potato



there are also loads & loads of cupcakes this weekend for all your easter needs. they'll even have a little extra bling...

one last thing - PIES!!! i'll have pumpkin-chai pies this weekend. most are spoken for already but i have a few extra. swing by the market early if you'd like one. they are $15 for a 9-inch pie. 

ok time for sleeping. 
have a lovely easter weekend!

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