Friday, April 4, 2014

my week in photos

it's late...but the fact that i'm even sitting down to write a blog post, the night before TWO markets, is pretty remarkable. i'm done my prep, the car is partially loaded & i've almost settled on an outfit for tomorrow.

it's been a busy week. lots & lots of food on the menu.

here's what i've been making:

mediterranean vegetable ragout with roasted zucchini, eggplant & peppers. in a hearty tomato sauce with fennel seed, kalamata olives & swiss chard. finished off with parmesan, feta & goat cheeses and served with lightly dressed quinoa.
vegetarian & gluten free
small $9  large $18

smokey mac & cheese featuring foxhill cheese curds & brothers double smoked bacon. there's also roasted tomatoes, corn, green onions, parmesan, cheddar & panko.
small $9  large $18

indian-spiced cauliflower soup - fennel, cumin, cardamom & star anise to name a few. this soup has become the new best seller. 
it's vegetarian (not vegan), gluten free & paleo
500 ml  $7

beet salad with fennel, pears, wheat berries, kale & goat cheese.

sweet potato salad with lime, cilantro, avocado & chipotle.

this one's new: millet salad with roasted zucchini, asparagus, baby arugula, cherry tomatoes, red pepper, basil, lemon, garlic & pine nuts. in case you were wondering, MILLET IS THE NEW QUINOA! it's also gluten free and high in protein.

i also baked 1000 cupcakes today so i'm hoping everyone is hungry.

i'll be at halifax crafters this weekend at the olympic centre - corner of windsor & cunard, sat 10-6, sun 10-5, free admission. leslie will be holding down the fort for me at the seaport both days.

hope to see you all over the weekend :)

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