Friday, July 25, 2014

a big week

yet again it's late on a friday night & i'm just sitting down to write a blog update.

this week it really was just my fault. i wanted to take a bit of time off to recuperate from last week. i ended up with one & 1/2 days off (ummm not even a weekend) and i'm paying for it now.

anyway, i'm heading in to wedding season so i tried to stock the freezers as best i could this week - not sure when i'll be able to prep much for the market over the next month.

there's a whole whack of beef - it's all local from getaway farm.

first dish is red curry beef brisket with zucchini, peppers, eggplant, sprouts, bok choy, lime, coconut, basil & jasmine rice. it's gluten free & dairy free but does contain shellfish from the red curry paste. it's not as spicy as i typically make curries - decided to give some people a break this week ;)

small $11  large $22

i also made a new batch of indian-spiced cauliflower soup. it's got fennel, cumin, a touch of curry, ginger & coconut. again this one isn't super spicy. it is vegan, gluten free & paleo.

$7/500mL serving

then it was on to some menu staples.

i made regular & paleo batches of beef shepherd's pie. the paleo version is also dairy free & has sweet potato puree on top. the regular version has super cheesy, green onion mashed potatoes.
i didn't take any pictures cuz i make this ALL the time.

small $10  large $20

next up was moroccan meatballs. the beef is seasoned up with garlic, ginger, herbs & spices. it's in a tangy tomato sauce with olives, date puree, citrus, sumac & harissa. the veggies are roasted red peppers, swiss chard, kale & cherry tomatoes. the regular version comes with harissa quinoa with toasted almonds, scallions & lemon.

small $10  large $20

the paleo version comes with an eggplant/zucchini/parmesan puree.

small $10

then i made another batch of crab cakes. there were lots of disappointed folks last week since i sold out within about 20 minutes of announcing on social media that i would have them. they are my version of jazzed up crab cakes with fresh corn, red pepper, green onions, lime, cilantro & chillies. they're panko crusted & deep fried so you just need to reheat them in the oven.



$16 for a pack of 4

there's broccoli salad as well as,

vegan potato

beet. wheatberry & kale

thai peanut slaw

there are lots of baked goods & plenty of goat's milk fudge.

i just made a cake

and i just have to finish up some tomato ginger jam to send to obladee.

clearly it was a big week. thank you to krista & kelly (who's 9 months pregnant!!!) for helping me out.

see you over the weekend
saturday 7-3
sunday 9-3
unless i accidentally sleep in either day which is a definite possibility...

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