Friday, July 11, 2014

flat out

well it's been another jam packed week here at little red kitsch'n. i'm exhausted & need to go on another vacation...and maybe NOT cater a wedding while i'm away.

the week started off with a big luncheon catering for the port authority in pavilion 20 next to the market. it was quite a spread with mustard & horseradish braised beef brisket, chipotle lime pulled chicken, coleslaw, homemade sesame seed rolls, quinoa, broccoli & potato salads, cookies, cupcakes & fresh watermelon. it was quite a production but turned out really well.

then it was on to market prep.
i made extra of the proteins for catering to use for my freezer meals - thank goodness!

first up:

paleo chipotle lime pulled chicken with sweet potato puree, peppers, tomatoes, lime, cilantro & cumin.
small $10

second was beef:

it's the braised beef with local turnips, beets & greens served with roasted garlic & asiago polenta.
small $10  large $20
there's also a paleo version without the polenta & extra veg.
small $10

third was some more chicken:

chicken parmesan to be exact. it's served with parmesan marinara with swiss chard & cherry tomatoes, buttered fettuccine, mozzarella & parmesan cheese. this one is always a top seller.

small $10  large $20

there's also a paleo option with sauteed peppers, mushrooms & zucchini in place of the noodles.

small $12

then today i baked all of the cupcakes, cookies, brownies, squares & fudge for the market this weekend. plus i made a cake:

and then i made the salads.

sweet potato:


and broccoli (which i neglected to photograph)

and now i'm going to sleep. hope to see you all over the weekend!

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