Friday, December 12, 2014

it's been a blur

the title of this post is twofold... 

this week has been an absolute blur, filled with endless checklists and hours in the kitchen. and the past four years have been a blur - tomorrow marks the four year anniversary of little red kitsch'n & i can't even believe it!

anyway i'm exhausted so this will be short & sweet. i'm catering a christmas party for 40 after the market tomorrow. for some reason i'm a glutton for punishment & design really elaborate cocktail party menus. on top of all my regular market prep, here's what's on the menu tomorrow night:

pear, brie & walnut puff pastry
crab & corn cakes with spicy mayo
mushroom & goat cheese phyllo bundles
fried chicken biscuits with cranberry & blue cheese
roasted tomato, bacon & kale strata
red wine braised brisket tarts
prosciutto wrapped scallops with maple glaze
chipotle lime pulled pork sliders with southern slaw

charcuterie board
cheese board
olives, chutneys
crudites with curried hummus & white bean dip

mini cupcakes
chocolate peppermint bars
maple walnut bars
lemon squares

it's a little silly but it'll sure be tasty. i remarked today that i'd like to be a guest at this party because i think the food will be pretty great ;)

for the market i made:


beef & pork combo from getaway farm, caramelized onions, warm spices.
$25 for a 9 inch pie

creamy british fish pie:

haddock, organic salmon & tilapia in a white sauce with peas, celery, carrots and a touch of lemon, topped with sour cream & dill mashed potatoes. i swear my brother has been asking me to make this for about 2 years & i just finally got around to it!
small $10  large $20

there's also a new batch of seafood chowder with smoked haddock, regular haddock, mussels, clam broth & tilapia.


the salads this week are broccoli & asian slaw.

they're both gluten free, dairy free & paleo. the slaw is even vegan!

thanks to everyone who came to visit me at the crafters market - i had a super successful weekend & it's always a nice change from the seaport.

also, don't forget to place your holiday orders. just check out my previous blog post for all the details. i'll be doing up sweet sampler boxes on sunday at the market if you'd like one but not tomorrow.

for tomorrow only, to celebrate my 4th birthday, baker's 1/2 dozens of minis will be $5 & big cupcakes will be 3 for the price of 2.

ok sleep time!

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