Friday, January 2, 2015

back to work

i hope everyone had a great holiday season!
i was lucky enough to do a whole lot of sleeping, eating, board game playing, visiting & adventuring. i wish it could be christmas vacation all year long, but today it was back to business as usual in the kitchen.

hopefully everyone isn't on a juice cleanse because i have lots of grub on the menu.

from the freezer i have:

lobster mac & cheese

small $12.50 large $25

regular & paleo shepherd's pies
small $10 large $20

pasta primavera

small $9 large $18

smokey mac & cheese
small $9 large $18

sweet & spicy pork meatballs

large $20

creamy british fish pie
small $10 large $20

mediterranean vegetable ragu

small $9 large $18

moroccan meatballs
small $10 large $20

chicken parmesan
large $20

i have 2 salads this week:

sweet potato


it's gonna be pretty chilly tomorrow too. if you're looking for soup to warm you up, here are the flavours:

carrot, apple, ginger
beet, parsnip, pear
curried butternut squash
roasted pepper, tomato & chipotle
indian-spiced cauliflower
thai turkey & rice
turkey stew
seafood chowder

there are lots of sweets too. i know the holidays are over & all but i made another batch of eggnog cheesecakes for the weekend too - i really like them!

ok i think that's it for the food. i do, however, have a couple of announcements.

1. i have a new table at the market. it's just a couple of tables away from my previous spot - it's where pat's preserves used to be.
2. i'm going away again. i'll be out of town from january 12th - february 3rd. make sure to stock up this weekend & next before i peace out.

hope everyone had a fantastic holiday, happy new year & i'm really looking forward to cooking for you in 2015!

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