Friday, February 6, 2015

be prepared

if you're not familiar with frankie macdonald, you should be. his passionate weather warnings urge maritimers to always BE PREPARED! 'order your pizzas, order your chinese food, buy cases of pepsi, buy cases of coke'... or maybe you could just have a freezer full of little red kitsch'n food to help you weather the storm.

i got back to nova scotia on tuesday evening. there is a lot of ice here. i was worried the roads would be too dicey to get around & pick up all my ingredients to do the cooking but miraculously i got everything done! i'm even sitting down at a relatively reasonable hour tonight so hopefully i'll be ready for my first day back at the market.

i restocked a number of winter staples this week. first up was a double batch of beef shepherd's pies - 1/2 regular & 1/2 paleo. the regular version has cheddar-green onion mashed potatoes, tangy sauce, peas, carrots & corn. the paleo version is dairy free, omits the corn and replaces white potatoes with sweet potato puree.

small $10  large $20

next up were turkey & dressing pies. this is always tough to keep in stock. it's all white meat mixed with veggies in a rich turkey gravy made from homemade stock. then it's topped with dried cranberry & sage potato-bread dressing so it's like a holiday meal all wrapped up in one.

small $10  large $20

the remainder of the turkey stock made its way in to some hearty turkey stew.

it has potatoes, carrots, parsnips, turnips, peas, herbs and a touch of citrus to brighten it up.


for some lighter fare, i have 3 varieties of salad for the market this weekend.

sweet potato:



i'll also have a new sweet on my table this weekend - raspberry cheesecake bars. they're nice & creamy but with a little ginger and the tart raspberries to cut through the richness. i 'sampled' the edges when i was portioning it & i'm pretty pleased with the results.

i also made a ridiculous amount of goat milk fudge today. it's definitely the sweet i missed most while i was away.

the bricks are headed to obladee wine bar. for the market i made over 100 of the little individual cups so hopefully that'll last the weekend.

also, it's valentine's day next saturday! since it falls on a market day this year, i won't be offering delivery service but i will be doing special 3-course meals which can be picked up from me at the market (preorders only). i wrote a little blog about it earlier this week.

unfortunately, i won't be able to take any more orders for v-day cakes but if you'd like to place orders for cupcakes, they are $30/dozen & $10/dozen for minis. they'll be in shades of pink, cream & violet with heart shaped sprinkles. orders can be sent to

thanks for reading & i hope to see everyone at the market over the weekend.

ps: please don't forget the market is open sundays...i'm there...& i get lonely ;)

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