Friday, February 13, 2015

'twas the night before valentine's day

i had quite a busy day...quite a busy week in fact.

this is the first time, since i started my business, that valentine's day has fallen on a weekend. i'm anticipating a rather bananas day tomorrow.

i have tons & tons of treats:

goat's milk fudge
spicy cinnamon heart brownies
raspberry cheesecakes
passionfruit shortbread bars
salted caramel, brown butter blondies
snickers brownies
hello dollies

pink grapefruit
red velvet-raspberry
double chocolate
paleo chocolate

i'm doing special, valentine's day 3-course dinners tomorrow too (they've all been preordered). this year i was actually smart & just made larger batches of it all so i could turn a bunch in to freezer meals. 

new frozen options are:

coq au vin with polenta
paleo coq au vin with sweet potato puree
brisket & blue
paleo brisket with sweet potato puree
creamy celery root & parsnip soup
lobster risotto side dishes

salads this week are broccoli & beet.

can you tell i'm tired? my blog is definitely lacking in pictures tonight but if you hop over to my Facebook page or check out my instagram feed, you'll get a better idea of what i've been up to all week.

hope to see you all tomorrow. 
have a happy valentine's day!

ps: looks like there's going to be a blizzard on sunday. should it materialize, chances are i will not be at the market so make sure to stock up tomorrow before the snowpacolypse arrives.

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