Friday, March 27, 2015

quite a week

a lot has happened since last friday's post.
namely, i spent the week in puerto rico with 3 of my favourite people in the whole wide world!!!

my flight home was cancelled last night so i spent the night in newark, flew in this morning, went grocery shopping & spent the rest of the day baking and making salads for the market tomorrow. thankfully it's all finished! not gonna lie, it was a rather harsh & abrupt return to reality, but at least i was lucky enough to even go on vacation in the first place.

ps: puerto rico is amazing!!!

ok for this weekend i have cupcakes:
pink grapefruit
red velvet-raspberry
paleo chocolate

brown butter, salted caramel, pecan blondies
hello dollies
breakfast cookies
passionfruit shortbread bars
snickers brownies
goat milk fudge

i have 2 types of salads - both vegan & gluten free.

broccoli-peanut with sesame-ginger dressing

quinoa with fennel, grapefruit & baby arugula

there are plenty of freezer meals to choose from as well:

beef shepherd's pie
paleo beef shepherd's pie
chili pork & cornbread
brisket & blue
coq au vin
paleo coq au vin
broccoli-bacon mac & cheese
lentil shepherd's pie
blue cheese gnocchi
lobster risotto

i didn't have time to restock the carrot/apple/ginger soup or the hearty chicken stew, but they'll both be back on the menu next week.

next week is also EASTER - how did that happen so fast? anyway, get your cupcake & pumpkin pie orders in asap cuz it's one of my top 4 busiest days of the year! i'm just waiting on confirmation but i'm hoping to be at the market on Good Friday & saturday and spend Easter Sunday at home eating baked ham, pumpkin pie & chocolate eggs. stay tuned to my Facebook page for updates.

hope to see you all at the market over the weekend. please don't forget it's open on sundays - it's much less crowded so you don't feel jostled or rushed & the vendors really appreciate seeing familiar faces to chat with.

ok time to pass out & dream of being back in this place:

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