Friday, March 20, 2015

we survived

what a week!
it seems we had a bit of snow. hopefully mother nature is finished with her cruel jokes & that's the last of it.

it's the last of it for me for a few days because i'm getting on a plane tomorrow and flying away. my table will be at the market as usual tomorrow but not sunday. i'll work until around 10:30am & then leslie will take over for the rest of the day & i will head to the airport to go to puerto rico!!!

i'll be back in time for the market next weekend.

all of a sudden it's way later than anticipated & i need to get to sleep, so this will be super quick.

i made ANOTHER batch of beef shepherd's pie this week. i didn't even bother to take any pictures because i seriously make this every two weeks and you've seen it all before...gluten free...grass fed beef...cheddar know the drill.

small $10  large $20

i only made two types of salad this week because i'm worried about leftovers.

they're both vegan & gluten free! the bean is the same as usual but the broccoli is a touch different. i used tamari instead of soy so it's gluten free. also instead of kale, there's savoy cabbage & i added curry and a bit more spice to the dressing. i hope you like the changes!

the freezer is brimming with meals & soups at the moment. there are a few secret paleo options (not enough room on the blackboard) so just ask if you're looking for some grain free goodness.

the sweet selections are pretty grain-centric but there are a grain free few options: snickers brownies, gluten-free cupcakes & goat milk fudge.

cakes have become a friday night tradition. here are tonight's creations:

ok time to get to literally feels like christmas eve around here tonight!
see you at the market in the morning.

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