Friday, May 27, 2011

anatomy of a dish

here's a little break down on the fresh main course i'll have for the weekend:

organic quinoa, a super delicious ancient grain that's high in protein.

this is the completed version. it's spiced with harissa paste, pureed onions, garlic & peppers, lemon, cumin, toasted almonds, cilantro & parsley.
it is served with meatballs.

these are the beef ones - from getaway farm.

these are the turkey ones from sweet william. they are both flavoured with garlic, ginger, sumac, fresh herbs & paprika.
the side veggies are:

swiss chard.

caramelized onions.
and roasted red peppers.
the meatballs were dosed with a piquant tomato sauce with fennel seed & olives.
and the finished dish looks like this:

i don't have a lot of the turkey ones (i was a bit late getting over to sweet william on sunday) but i have lots & lots of the beef version.
i also packaged up just the harissa quinoa on its own. i've been eating it cold out of the refrigerator as a salad - and i am completely addicted.
today i'll also be making a green salad with tomatoes, cucumber, olives & goat cheese - reminiscent of a greek salad - with a red wine vinaigrette. 

last night i also did inventory so i can safely say this is what i will have for the market this weekend:

moroccan meatballs (either beef or turkey) with harissa quinoa, swiss chard, caramelized onions & roasted red peppers - serves 2 - $20
harissa quinoa salad $5
'greek' salad $5
lobster mac & cheese - serves 4 - $24
chicken & rib combo $20
creamy british fish pie - serves 4 - $18
asparagus, bacon, caramelized onion & parm quiche - serves 4 - $14
curried chicken & chickpeas with basmati, cauliflower & squash - serves 2 - $16
lamb shepherd's pie - serves 1 - $10
vegetarian chili with brown rice - serves 2 - $12

potato, celery, pear & blue cheese
curried butternut squash
carrot, apple, ginger
french onion with propellor & parm
seafood chowder - mussels, clams, smoked haddock, tilapia
mexican pork posole
vegetarian chili
root vegetable puree
baked beans
red lentil dahl
roasted pepper, tomato & sweet potato

the usual.
the caramel poundcake cupcakes were a big hit last weekend so i'll be making a big batch today.

also, the fresh spring chickens are ready from shani's farm so next week the thai turkey & rice soup, the chicken/leek/broccoli/bacon pies and the chicken & mushroom gyozas will be returning to the menu.
my cookies smell done... gotta run!

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