Friday, May 6, 2011

freezer's full again

by sunday afternoon last week my chalkboard looked a little dismal.

don't get me wrong it was totally awesome, but it did mean i had a lot to do to get my inventory back to where i like it. and yesterday that is what i did!
i stocked up on a lot of the dishes that people have been asking for: shepherd's pies, curries, creamy fish pies, and quiches. this week, the curry is chicken, chickpea, squash & cauliflower; the fish pie contains sea trout, mussels & smoked haddock; and i made 3 flavours of quiche - bacon/caramelized onions/aged gouda, roasted tomatoes/wilted greens/goat cheese, asparagus/herbs/onions/parm. i also made 1 chicken, leek & broccoli pie (no bacon in this one). i'm not going to write it on the board so ask me if you'd like to have it...
after a little freezer organization i discovered that i have 2 beef & barley soups left, and i made a new batch of roasted red pepper/tomato/sweet potato soup. this batch is vegan & fat-free too, not to mention the most vibrant shade of red ever!
today i will be baking and prepping all of the fresh options i will have for the weekend. i really liked the mix & match easter dinner - so, this week i'm calling it 'build you own bento box'. i'll be grilling up copious quantities of getaway farm flank steak. it's been chillin' all night in a tangy miso/ginger/sweet soy marinade. i also have chicken in a spicy green curry marinade. it will be skewered, crusted with toasted cashews & served with a cooling mint/basil/cilantro sauce. then i'll be making some grilled teriyaki tofu, sesame soba noodle salad with loadsa veggies, and asian greens with mushrooms in a miso peanut dressing. oh and gyozas with nuoc mam - if i have time...
everything is sort of a hybrid of southeast asian flavours. i'm sure nothing is actually authentic, just my take on the classics, but it'll all be tasty and you can't go wrong when drawing on these flavours:

this is my arsenal for the day.
and finally, the sun is out, no bbq'ing in the rain - yippeeee!

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