Monday, May 9, 2011

i like to buy things :)

being a vendor at the seaport market is great - i can shop and work at the same time! 
normally i am just shopping for product for the business but sometimes i like to splurge a little on myself too - and by 'a little' i actually mean, it's starting to become a problem... but there is tons of really nice art, jewellery, crafts, plants & snacks tempting me on a daily basis.
one of the first artists who really grabbed my attention was daina deblette scarola.

i love the colours, the subject matter & basically everything about her work. her business is art by daina and the 'beachy' vibe of her work really fits with the decor chez moi. i'd like to start a collection of all of her 'mini mondays' as well... slowly but surely.
next up is shelagh duffett. she is also no stranger to colour! most of her work is fun, bright and folky, but it was her super cool food photography that really caught my eye.

this large print hangs in my kitchen, it was actually snapped at the chicken burger, and her smaller art cards adorn my table at the market. she dropped by the other day and took some photos of my little business and me as i was folding gyozas - check out her blog.
i've also been collecting necklaces from florence wagg.

she fixed my pearls for me yesterday too, thanks! i love her use of toggles - reminds me of tiffany's - and the colours are right up my alley. she sells loads of handbags and is on etsy as well (shelagh & daina sell there too).
don manning is another great local artist and i think he may be addicted to my cupcakes. everyday i can see him approaching my table, toonie in hand and devious grin on his face.

this is a painting don did of victor kiley's stage. if it were still standing, it would be about 100 feet from where i live now. he's also given me some bookmarks depicting scenes of prospect and is planning on sketching some of my cupcakes - yes, i would classify it as an addiction :)
i really love the style of ironwood bowls. until i can save up my pennies for a beautiful bowl or cutting board, i've been collecting the handmade pencils.

this one is my fav. it's made out of a lilac branch and it's wonky curves fit perfectly in my hand. lori, who makes them, also teaches shop class so all the kids will have them soon and i'm sure they'll be the next big trend to sweep junior high - step aside silly bandz!
it's also that time of year when green things are popping up. i've been buying herbs, seedlings and flowers.

my kitchen counter is turning into a veritable jungle. i'm very excited for the pansies. i'm creating a wedding cake of cupcakes next month. they will have a thin, lavender-tinted, cream cheese frosting and be adorned with sugared pansy flowers. should be quite an undertaking - i'll make sure to document my trials & tribulations as i go.
on to snacks - my fav!
ratinaud charcuterie specializes in traditional french cuisine. since i left ottawa i've been craving rillettes, but they're not something i would whip up for myself. now ratinaud can fill that void.

and of course, i always indulge in a massive steak on sunday nights. after a busy week, i'm drained and this is how i recharge.

thank you getaway farm. and yeah, that's ketchup. i think it's 'ghetto-chic', it's how i like it and i am 100% unashamed!
and i guess that's the beauty of being a vendor at a local market, you meet people, support one another & find some of the best stuff around. 


  1. Tell me how I should prepare and cook a steak such as that. Walker

  2. first off: buy an epic steak. this was a 1.5 lb top sirloin (still quite tender, low fat to meat ratio and more cost effective than a ribeye).
    second: whip up a nice little dry rub, combine some salt, pepper, coriander, red pepper flakes, dill seed, mustard seeds - or whatever floats your boat. sprinkle it all over your steak.
    third: preheat bbq to max.
    fourth: fire the meat on the grill, close the lid, wait about 5 mins, flip, repeat.
    fifth: let it rest off the heat a few minutes before you cut into it so it relaxes and the juices redistribute.
    eat & enjoy!

  3. Lovely post. Yes! The market is full of wonderful things and being a vendor can get expensive after all the spontaneous shopping is done!

  4. Wow, such a great post Jenna!!! You hit all my faves too. Thank you :) We really are a radical bunch of awesomness.