Tuesday, June 7, 2011

bits & bites

one of the main reasons i wanted to start my own business, was to cook what i want, when i want. i love thai, indian, chinese, japanese, french, italian, southern, spanish, mexican, of course canadian... & even british food lately. instead of being constrained to a certain type of food by the focus of a restaurant, i like to mix it up - more along the lines of a catering operation. 
last friday, i catered a lunch meeting. it was a spread of nibblies for people to munch & the menu was random @ best.

mini-crab cakes with spicy mayo (thai-inspired)
chicken & shiitake gyozas (japanese)
bite-sized pulled pork sandwiches with crunchy slaw (southern)
tiny yorkshire puddings with roast beef & roasted garlic cream (british)
miniature vegetarian quiche (french)
cedar-planked salmon with garlic quark on mini lemon-poppyseed biscuits (canadian)

and of course some sweets too - mini cupcakes, brownie bites & ridiculously small lemon tarts.
can you tell i get a kick out of cutesy, miniaturized versions of the classics?

i really like to be able to switch from folding gyozas

to rolling out mini biscuits

to grilling the freshest spring asparagus

and all sorts of other fun stuff.
it's nice to be able to 'globetrot' in the kitchen, explore new flavours, techniques and it's certainly a lot cheaper than a plane ticket.
i find people can get so tired of their usual kitchen repetoire & that's where i come in. i'm trying to position my little business as the go-to source for something a little different than what you would choose to make yourself.
today i'll be making another batch of the moroccan meatballs with harissa quinoa (they sold like hotcakes & lots of people reported back that they may be the new fav), more thai crab cakes & a big batch of vegan stew. this week i've also dreamed up a new concoction... it'll be a 'mashup' of southern jambalaya with spanish paella featuring getaway farm chorizo sausage & wild caught shrimp from the fish shop...
needless to say, i'm stoked.

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