Tuesday, June 21, 2011

last week

i think perhaps last week was my craziest one to date. 
on monday i catered a staff party. i had planned to make it super chilled-out fun party food, but wound up making really fiddly foods that were incredibly time-consuming. on tuesday i did a special dessert order for some deserving nurses at the hospital. then i drove to stewiacke to pick up those now infamous pansies... wednesday was consumed with sugaring those flowers. thursday was cooking day and friday was baking INSANITY. with 150 cupcakes (plus a giant cupcake topper) added to my usual baking it was intense. i now function like a conveyor belt - finish all the batters, fill all the cupcake pans and just feed them through the oven all day. then it was the day of reckoning - saturday... all day at the market, then piping, decorating & assembling the cupcake wedding cake.
unfortunately my powers of photography failed me and this is the best i could come up with...

i also didn't want to seem like a jerkface - you know just milling about taking pictures of my own work... tacky. i just quickly snapped this blurry shot with my phone - it was also on a boat so maybe that had something to do with my epic fail.
aside from the poor photography, i was actually really pleased with how it all turned out. the cupcakes were all baked in shiny silver cups, the lavender-coloured frosting matched the bridesmaids' dresses exactly and the sugared flowers looked really nice - worth the effort. i also hollowed out the centre (i had some help at this point - thanks!) of each cupcake with an apple corer and piped in a dulce de leche centre to keep them super moist. the bride cried, the guests raved & the photographers snapped tons of photos - maybe i can hit them up for a better picture... i guess that all made up for being stuck on a boat, at a wedding where i knew no one, for four hours on saturday night when i had more baking waiting for me at home.
the wedding was on the tall ship silva and the wedding coordinator asked for my business info to potentially do more catering for them... however, i don't really see myself pursuing much more boat catering, i think once was enough :)

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