Friday, August 19, 2011

as promised...

it's 12:05 & that means friday is officially over... thank goodness.

for the weekend i have lots of fresh options & i restocked a ton of old favourites.

the fresh main course for the week is a grilled chicken breast with a southwest spice rub & a touch of chipotle lime bbq sauce. it comes with a side of sweet potato mash & black bean/ fresh corn/ bell pepper succotash. it's enough to serve 2 & costs $24.

i also restocked the shepherd's pies. it's the usual with getaway farm beef, peas, corn, & cheddar-green onion mashed potatoes. smalls are $7.5 and larges are $18.

creamy british fish pies are also back. this batch is with mussels, sea trout, salmon, smoked haddock, peas & lemon-dill mashed potatoes. it's enough to serve 4 and costs $22.

there are three fresh salads this week & all are vegan - very odd for me...
the first is a fingerling potato salad with yellow beans, celery, radishes, lots of mustard, a little horseradish & tarragon.

next up is the quinoa salad - this week it has cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, roasted red peppers, grilled zucchini, lemon, basil & dill.

and last but not least is the classic, marinated vegetable salad... aka my lunch tomorrow.

there are new batches of seafood chowder & baked beans as well.

and for some reason i decided to make 6 flavours of cupcakes and 6 flavours of icing today: vanilla, lemon, caramel, carrot, red velvet & chocolate cupcakes with vanilla, blueberry, dulce de leche, caramel, raspberry & chocolate frosting.

ok good night, see ya tomorrow.

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  1. 6 types of cupcakes and frosting ... mother of pearl! i wonder ... will there be any requests for those lime squares ;0)
    menu sounds awesome ... as per usual. oh - and my dad wants to try your baked beans!