Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the localest of lunches

yesterday the twisted chef & i enjoyed a ridiculously delicious, al fresco lunch in the backyard.

near everything was purchased at the seaport market. it really is quite handy to work there and be able to do all my shopping at the same time.

it starts off with some garlicky old growler from that dutchman. they're pretty 'halifamous' for their dragon's breath blue - but i prefer the old growler and hammer & chisel - so, so good. this past week i was also introduced to their smeerkas - think cheez whiz but not sketchy - it'll blow your mind.

next there is charcuterie from ratinaud. we went with the rabbit & pork rillettes. i've blogged of him before, but it is so good that it necessitates a second go-round. his wares can also be found at obladee wine bar - aka the perfect place for a little after-work decompression.

then there was beet relish from the naked pickle. on saturdays he's set up in the cruise corridor & you just can't miss him - very charismatic. i found the beets worked particularly well with the rillettes & dijon - this relish will also elevate your burgers to epic proportions.

coupled with the tangy pepper jelly from pat's preserves - it was magic. they make a great line of products with an authentic nova scotia flare - they're at market on the weekends (& i think friday but i'm not 100%) beside heppy's (delicious) and schoolhouse (also delicious).

for some more tang we had kalamata olives, hot dijon, sour gherkins & caramelized onions (chez moi) - i'm a nut for condiments. devising the perfect concoctions of meats, cheeses & accoutrements to make a perfect sandwich is an adventure in & of itself and such a fun way to eat.

then we rolled into the protein provided by getaway farm/meat mongers. medium roast beef & porchetta arista - melt-in-your-mouth delectableness. normally i just get epic steaks from them but have been branching out a little lately. the dill sausage blew my mind the other week - beef & dill, who knew?

and last but not least is the 5 grain bread from la vendeenne. i can't decide whether they are a blessing or a curse, friend or foe - the lineup is so long that it blocks my table on saturdays... but it also ensures a captive audience... dear bread buyers - please check out my product, thanks!

oh, and still last but not least, it was all arranged on a cherrywood board purchased at market from ironwood bowls. everything displayed on it just looks that much better. 10 foot butcher block prep surface here i come!

eating with a food blogger just makes you appreciate everything that much more. the fact that we're both snapping photos at the same time over the same shot just makes my day.
i love food.


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  1. Yum, this looks fabulous and delish and I want to eat it all up! Thanks for the great parings, will dream of my next picnic!